Natural winemaking

Tradition and modernity

Our oenoligical practices combine both tradition and modernity. Tradition, reflected by the use of century-old means of vinification (a severe limitation of oenological products, no yeast added) and the exclusive use of french-oak barrels. Modernity is demonstrated by the quality of our equipment, and the precise, strict follow-up of each and every step of the winemaking process.

Year after year, we strive to keep up the spirit of our work and to learn from our past experiences, in order to obtain the highest possible quality of the products we offer you.

A very limited use of oenological products

The whole Château Fontvert range is certified “organic wine”, thus ensuring compliance with the European specifications for organic winemaking.

But in order to guarantee wines that are as natural as possible, we have decided to go far beyond the requirements of these specifications:

– by making all our fermentations thanks to the indigenous yeasts naturally present on the grapes (no addition of industrial yeasts). This practice, quite common for red wines, is already becoming much rarer for white wines and is extemely rare for rosé wines.

– by limiting the use of oenological products to the bare minimum

– by reducing as much as possible the quantities of sulfites used (quantities on average twice below the limits of the European specifications for organic winemaking).

– by avoiding all brutal vinification techniques: centrifugation, heat treatments, etc…

Thanks to this work, we are able to offer wines certified “Demeter wine / biodynamic wine”, since the 2014 vintage on the reds and from the 2017 vintage on some of the whites and rosés. This certification guarantees compliance with the “Demeter” winemaking specifications, which is extremely restrictive on the use of oenological products.